Thursday, 23 January 2014

Cats in Hats!

Hi! and Happy New Year! I am very busy at the moment working on some lovely new commissions.
In between waiting for go - aheads etc....I have been working on some ideas I have for new illustrations. Below are three illustrations on canvas entitled 'Cats in Hats'. They are acrylic on canvas with pieces of fabric for their hats which are hand stitched on the top of their heads!
I have also put them in frames, which you can see below.


Friendly Flowers :)

Hi! here is another new illustration entitled 'Friendly Flowers'.
They are sooo cute and I think they would make loyal and good friends!

Fallen Fairies

Below is a new and more abstract illustration which I have been working on recently. It is entitled 'Fallen Fairies'. The fairies are falling from a musical sky.
I always like to work with new mediums and try new paint techniques. In this illustration, I used canvas, an old music page from a music book, ink, acrylic, pen, chalk pastel and I stamped the letters with a rubber stamp.