Wednesday, 23 August 2017

New Artwork!

Hello!! I know it has been quite a while since my last post...but here are lots of goodies for you to feast your eyes upon! 😃

I made a series of Halloween greeting card designs.

'Fancy Dress'
'Halloween Jamboree'
'The Witching Hour'

I also illustrated some Christmas card designs, below.
'Christmas Shopping'
'Flying Fox'
'Ice Skating'
'The Night Before Christmas'
'Christmas Wishes'
'Christmas Antlers'
'Tree Hug'

And below are some greeting card designs, just for any occasion!
'Swallow Tail' or 'Flower Flight'
'Easter Bunny'
'Caring for Toadstools'

'Catching the Sun'
'Cat Whiskers'
'Dancing in the Wheat Fields'
'Forest Whiskers'
'Fox Tails'
'Antler Flowers'
'Cat Nest'
'Bird Nest'
'Bird and Vase'

Thursday, 1 September 2016


Hello! I have been busy making new embroidery hoops! Here are some of them below.

Friday, 17 June 2016


Hi! I recently made some new greeting card designs on the theme of 'Get Well Soon', 'Thinking of You' and 'New Home'. I thought it would be nice to have a continuous 'circular' design theme in the shape of flowers on stems (with the illustrations inside the circle). all are painted in gouache first try with these! I find them lovely to work with :)

'New Home'
'Thinking of You'

'Get Well Soon' OR 'Get Whale Soon'

I thought the greeting on this could have the fun saying 'Get Whale Soon' either on the front of the card or inside?

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Caring for Toadstools

I have painted this little watercolour for my dad for Father's Day this Sunday. I painted some of it in my garden the other day.....then it started to rain. However, the effect the rain drops created on my painting looked fantastic....I think they look like there is a magical presence on the tree surrounding the gnome. I love happy accidents! :)

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Petal Mice

Hi! Here are some illustrations of mice which I am calling 'Petal mice'. They are little mice which most of the time have flower clothing and love to be in the garden either gardening or just relaxing. Some of the petal mice also have wings and are 'Fairy mice'. I plan to make more of please watch this space! :)

'Alfred Gardening'
130 mm x 130 mm
'Agnes the Fairy Mouse'
130 mm x 130 mm

Sandy and Petal

Here are a set of three illustrations which I have just created. They show the adventures of a little donkey named 'Sandy' and her best friend 'Petal' the mouse, at the seaside.
Every time I see the donkeys at the seaside giving rides up and down the beach, I always think it would be nice for the donkeys themselves to have a bit of leisure time and to enjoy the beach and have fun at the seaside too :)

'Best Friends'
130 mm x 130 mm

'Tea Break'
Acrylic and Collage
130 mm x 130mm
Acrylic and Collage
130 mm x 130 mm


Happy May!

Hello there! And Happy month of May to you :)
Here are some illustrations I have been working on lately. All are small watercolours.
'Flowers are our Friends'
'Kitten Cup
Below is a little illustration which I made for my Mum on Mother's Day.

'Head full of Flowers'
'Hedgehog's Flowers'
'Spring Girl'
'Lovely Bear'
'Gnome Fishing'
Emulsion paint and embroidery on canvas

Below is a watercolour painting which I made of a little porcelain cat I found at a car boot stall.
'Car Boot Cat'
'Tiny Animals'

Friday, 25 March 2016