Monday, 28 April 2014

Flower Child

Here are some new illustrations which I have been working on.
They are entitled 'Flower Children' and are painted on canvas using emulsion, embroidery, fabric collage, and pencil crayon (used on the cheeks on their faces).
The large flowers which the children are holding are flowers from a vintage print on an old cushion cover which I then cut out and stuck on!

Also, to fit with the theme, is a small birthday card which I illustrated below!

Acrylic, pencil crayon, fabric collage, embroidery and watercolour on canvas

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Magnets and embroideries!

Hello! and Happy Easter :-)

Here is something new from moi!
I have made some illustrated magnets out of air drying clay. They show various characters from fairies to cats!
Please see below:

Also please see below some more new embroidery hoop art I have been working on.


Framed artwork

Below is another recent illustration for a greeting card I made, entitled: 'Sorry You're Leaving'.
It is a watercolour and shows a woodland / forest scene with rabbits, a fox and a squirrel leaving their forest in a hot air balloon......Sweeet!

And here is the illustration in a lovely frame which I painted white.
The acorns around the frame suit the picture wonderfully.

Birthday cards

Hello! :-)
I have recently illustrated in watercolour, more new designs for birthday cards to update my portfolio.
Please see below.

Here are how the cards look as window mounted cards.