Friday, 20 June 2014

Soft and Cute

Hello again!

Here are two pretty little embroideries I have been stitching away on!
I have used an old scrap piece of 'vintage' green cotton which compliments the others colours beautifully. And I have used tiny pompoms made from nepal wool for the bunnie's tails.

Right: 'Rabbit and Tree'
Left: Fox and Rabbit

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The Couple

Hi. Here are a set of three watercolour miniatures based on the famous couple...The Owl and the Pussy Cat.
I wanted to show them doing general things in life throughout the seasons.
In Spring they are sowing seeds, in Summer they are sunbathing on a beach and in winter they are in the woods trying to keep warm...bless them.

'Sowing Seeds'


'Keeping Warm'


Hi there!

Here are some small illustrations which I have been working on!
They are all watercolours.
Thumbelina and Tom Thumb
40mm x 40mm

Fox and Bird
45mmx 60mm

Owls and Flowers
45mm x 60mm