Thursday, 24 August 2017

More New Artwork!

Hi everyone! Below are more new pieces of recent artwork. I plan to open an Etsy shop very soon, and these will be available to buy as prints!

'The Sea Monster'

'The Craft Club'

'Flowers in the Fog'

'Collecting Flowers'
'The Dream Trees'
'Pretty Duckling'

'Big Friendly Flowers'
'Too Sweet to Eat'
The above two illustrations stem from an idea I've had in my head forever! I plan to re-write the story line for it soon. It features a little girl called Sarah, that wants to make her world a sweeter place, such as picking beautiful flowers from a garden to place in her vase, or a packet of irresistible candy from a sweet shop that look so tempting. But those things do not wish to be picked or eaten.....So what will she do? This is where I am at the moment with the story. The plot thickens!

Below are some delicate watercolours. I made a small time lapse video of 'Bugs in Love' which you can see on my Instagram page.

'Bugs in Love'

'Catching Butterflies'

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