Wednesday, 23 August 2017

New Artwork!

Hello!! I know it has been quite a while since my last post...but here are lots of goodies for you to feast your eyes upon! 😃

I made a series of Halloween greeting card designs.

'Fancy Dress'
'Halloween Jamboree'
'The Witching Hour'

I also illustrated some Christmas card designs, below.
'Christmas Shopping'
'Flying Fox'
'Ice Skating'
'The Night Before Christmas'
'Christmas Wishes'
'Christmas Antlers'
'Tree Hug'

And below are some greeting card designs, just for any occasion!
'Swallow Tail' or 'Flower Flight'
'Easter Bunny'
'Caring for Toadstools'

'Catching the Sun'
'Cat Whiskers'
'Dancing in the Wheat Fields'
'Forest Whiskers'
'Fox Tails'
'Antler Flowers'
'Cat Nest'
'Bird Nest'
'Bird and Vase'



Hi Lou

I love the antlers flowers and the birds nest also the swallows and fox tails

Louise A. Ellis said...

Thank you Rich! I'm pleased you like them! :)